After years of being a “Car Guy” and realizing that I will always be able to learn more I decided to start talking my way through the wheeled world.  We can all learn together.

I have assembled a small crew of car enthusists.  One of us is a Ford guy, one is a Mopar guy, and one is a Chevy guy.  I also have found a heavy diesel mechanic that WILL surprise you.

We will be interviewing guests who are both serious gearheads and non car people about a WIDE VARIETY of subjects.

We will be starting the podcasting as soon as I can get all these cats herded into a organized mess.

You can see the profiles of the personalities here.

We are planning on weekly podcasts that will be aweful and painful to start.  We will be posting them below to start, but will be adding them to podcasting apps as fast as I can get it done.

Thanks for spending a few minutes with us,